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Smt. Draupadi Murmu – NDA’s candidate for President

Written by Subhash Krishnan

Smt. Draupadi Murmu -NDA’s candidate for President

Personifying Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas
● First Major Tribal Female Presidential candidate in India’s history: Once
elected, she will be the first tribal President of India and the second ever female
● First Major Presidential candidate from Odisha: Once elected will become first
President of the country from the state of Odisha
● Continues to break barriers: She is the first woman Governor of Jharkhand.
She is the first woman and tribal leader from Odisha to be appointed a governor
in an Indian state and complete her tenure
● Humble Personal Background and a History of public service
○ Life full of struggles : Born in a tribal family struggling with poverty in one
of the most remote and underdeveloped districts
○ Zeal to work to uplift society : COmpleted studies despite extreme
○ History of social service : taught in a Shri Aurobindo integral Education
Centre, Rairangpur without salary
● Rich administrative and political experience
○ Started from Grassroots : Started political career as Rairangpur NAC
○ Star performer as MLA: Awarded as “Nilakantha Award” for The Best
MLA of the year 2007 by Legislative Assembly of Odisha.
○ Diverse administrative experience: handled various ministries in Odisha
like Transport and commerce; earlier served across various departments
like fisheries, animal husbandry etc.

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